Artist Statement

My artwork reflects the intersections of anatomical forms and our lived metropolitan pathways and structures. I abstract and contrast the complexity of internal and external systems by transforming materials collected and manipulated into sculptural collages that evoke the macro and overwhelming affects of urbanization, yet retaining the micro flow of systems of the human body. Through the cross-configuration of form and line my artwork evokes the massive and overwhelming affects of urban sprawl, material consumption and figurative plurality. My process begins by collecting discarded items, which are usually assumed to be trash or waste including telephone books, disposable plastic bags, weekly circulars, styrofoam plates, and secondhand clothing. From these elements I create large scaled multiple layered surfaces and objects that are cut, torn, and fused together allowing for the transformation of both meaning and materiality through their alterations. Combining found and repurposed objects with practices such as painting, drawing, sewing and sculpture I am able to create installations that force the viewer’s interaction and curiosity of both body and environment.


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